Monday, March 29, 2010

1/20 Votoms Brutishdog WIP part III

UPDATE 03-29-10 : simple detailing mods...

Ello guys, it's been a while since I worked on this project...I have it hanged on my wall for sometime now. Anyways, I suddenly had the mood to work on it the other day. I basically added tons of Balloon sticks on the wall mounted diorama and primed it looks good so far, not sure though if I want to add more details to it and what color to paint it.

 The hangar dio is my first time, but I would want to create one for a 1/100 Gundam. I also added a few koto parts detailing on the kit itself, just to break some really large plain surfaces. I also added a few square 1mm pla plates on a few areas specially the upper arms to make it look a bit thicker. I will add some minor damage effects all over the kit and will put cast iron effects on both shoulder armors...this build will be weathered like a tank basically.

Sorry for the quality of the pics, coz both semi pro and point and shoot Canon cameras that I usually use are not with me right I just used my cellphone for the pictures. Now here are some pics...

Now here is the final pose...actually just a standing pose with the cockpit / pilot hatch opened...the scene is a simple scene of two figures talking at each other inside an old broken down hangar. Maybe the figure sitting inside the mech is the mechanic explaining something to the pilot / driver. I will be disassembling the mech after this post and will add damage effects, cast iron effects on the shoulder armors and prime it.

Again, pardon for the quality of the pics...I can't even take close up photos with my phone camera. Anyways until next post, thanks for viewing! ;)
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