Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I bought today

Hello guys, I was having trouble looking for the AC " white glint " here in the Philippines, so the only option was to buy it online...I did not want to buy it online, simply coz I have not done that the client and me agreed that he buys it for me online and ship it to my address, in return I added a Vanguard Overed Boost to the AC " white glint " commission, I bought it today during my lunch are some lousy pics...

Initial impression after opening the that it is small, I expected a bigger kit specially for it's price...I bought it for 1,560 PhP ( roughly 30 USD )...but the details are very impressive. I will snapfit this soon!

Of course I would not let a visit to a really good hobby shop pass without grabbing something for myself...and after seeing bro Toymaker's FAZZ WIP, I decided to get myself a fat Gundam...I would not get another Fazz, coz I just finished a commish I got myself a 1/100 Seravee and might copy Toymaker's Fazz mods and Sammy's color scheme on his Virtue....hihi...Anyways here are some lousy pics...

I will also snapfit this soon! thanks for viewing! :)

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