Sunday, January 17, 2010

AC " White Glint " WIP part II

UPDATE 01-17-10 : Vanguard Overed Boost snapfitted

Hello guys, I snapfitted the Vanguard Overed Boost today...and I must say that I was impressed! I simply love the details and the construction is pretty simple. The instruction manual is very nice and clear and the build is very much straight forward. Even though the kit has lots of parts, I would still recommend this kit to beginners.

The quality of the plastic is not much different from Bandai Gundam kits and the parts are well aligned when snapped together. The only difference is that it does NOT snap as tightly as Bandai kits...which is not much of a problem, coz I actually cut the male pegs of Bandai kits so that it will be easier to assemble and disassemble...wherein in AC, you should not cut any pegs coz the parts easily detaches from each
In the pic below, you can see I even cut the male pegs of Bandai SD kits, this will result for easier disassembly...again you don't have to do this with AC kits ( or this kit for that matter ).

Again here is the pic of the box art which is really nice and ( personally ) for me the packaging and the manual looks more expensive and classy than the Bandai kits.

and here are some pics of the Vanguard Overed Boost, it even came with a stand which looks great! I did not assemble a few parts that attaches to the White Glint and also a adaptor pack so that you can mount the Vanguard Overed Boost to a Ninball Seriph...anyways here are some pics...

Thus, now I understand why one of the requirements of the client is to make the build sturdy and glued. honestly I did not understand him before, coz Bandai kits snaps tightly ( even with shortened male pegs ) after painting and is pretty solid. The parts of this kit easily detaches and is very very easy to disassemble for painting / modding...thus I will have to glue them during the final assembly stage.
I highly recommend this kit to anyone! The assembly is straight forward and simple, details and quality of mold is perfect, and is a very refreshing build...specially if you build too much Gunpla like me. AC kits are perfect for those ootb modelers out there that focuses on the basics ( seam removal and such ) and the painting process.
I am looking forward to building the " White Glint " already...the kit will be shipped to my address by January 26. I hope to be almost finished with my PG Zeta commission work by then...and might actually get myself an AC Nineball Seriph, even though it is 10 USD more expensive than a MG Sazabi. My " White Glint " build will determine if I will get a Nineball, hihi...Thanks for visiting! til' next time! :)
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