Monday, January 18, 2010

PG Zeta commision work WIP part VI

UPDATE 01-18-10: Initial pla plating...

Hello guys, I did some further pla plating with the PG Zeta but will continue to add smaller pla plates later. I won't work on it anymore today...but will continue some other time, to distance myself from the build and analyze if it needs more. But I will definitely add smaller plates soon. Next stop is to snapfit the backpack and do some rivet holes here and there...there has been no major mods, so less clean up work and I will be priming this baby soon. Anyways here are some pics...

I hope I am in the mood to squeeze in at least a couple of hours everyday the following that I will be painting this by weekend...if not i need another couple of weekends to finish this. Thanks for viewing guys! :)

PG Zeta WIP part VII

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