Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ZeroGunz BAKUC 2009 WIP Group Build Challenge

Hello Guys, I just got home from the office and it was a tiring 1 1/2 hours of travel, plus my 2 year old son is sick...After looking at my son and after greeting my 2 daughters to relieve myself of the whole boring day at the office I  logged in to my home forum which is ZeroGunz to check my PG Zeta WIP thread, when I was surprisingly and pleasantly greeted with a WIN, yes a WIN in our ZeroGunz Bakuc 2009 Group Build Challenge! WAHOO!!!
Here are the DETAILS posted by Genosider ( ZeroGunz admin ) last August 19, 2009...Basically, this is an effort to share our works here in ZeroGunz to the public and to produce ZeroGunz calibre WIPS for the hobby and most of all the readers of our site.
After the August 19 announcement, even while I am still working with a commission work ( MG FAZZ ) at that time...I posted my first post for the GB...this is basically the WIP thread of my " The Graveyard " diorama...which was my 2009 Bakuc entry.
My WIP thread has 38 pages and a whopping 24,598 views count as of this writing. And as I've said before, without the support of my ZeroGunz family ( and of course my wife and kids ) I would have not completed this huge diorama. The taking of pictures to produce a WIP in the middle of working intensely on a diorama and rushing it to finish for Bakuc was well worth it from the beginning.

Hmmm, now I wonder who the judges are? this is a controversial win for me! I have juliuslim and his 0083 Stardust Memories - Stipulation of Gerbera ( featured here as the gunpla of the year ) as the clear winner of this GB.hihihi...Anyways, congrats to all the WINNERS!!! and THANK YOU to my ZEROGUNZ family once again!!!




Special thanks to the judges ( whoever you are ) and to our sponsors...

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