Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Before and After DC23 mods

Hello guys, After another visit to boss eday's site, I realized that I should also do a before and after pic of my builds. I mean do a simple frontal picture of the kit before I modded it and after I worked on it...I realized, even me...whenever I am not familiar with a kit, could have a hard time distinguishing what is added to a kit onced doing a before and after comparison pic would greatly help viewers to appreciate the work more ( hopefully ). My non-gunpla but Fine Arts friends were actually the inspiration of doing this...hihi, now non-gunpla people could easilly see the work put into the piece.

I was having a hard time sorting and looking for before pics of the build in ootb ( Out Of The Box ) form in my WIP pics, so I simply stole pictures from DALONG.NET and added my after pics. Most of my heavy builds have this pics now, will work on the other simpler builds today after office.Here is a couple of samples...

Thanks for viewing!!! :)

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