Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hasegawa Eggplane P-47 Thunderbolt snapfit

Hello guys, aside from buying some paint supplies for my PG Zeta commission build, I also bought an Eggplane as my AB practice build. I have 8 unpainted SDs and 5 unpainted MGs...but I wanted a faster build that won't take much time from my two commission works...thus, I bought this really, really cute eggplane.

The main problem with working with gunpla is that I can never do them OOTB...I always end up pla plating and modding them. Yeap, even SDs, my two painted SDs have simple pla plating still, thus I don't find it fast to work with gunpla...coz again, I simply never do them OOTB.

The eggplane series is really cute, It took me around 30 minutes to choose what to get, they are all darn cute man! Anyways, I snapfitted the cute guy already and also glued ( Tamiya thin cement )  the halves of the main body and the two bombs and the wing parts. The kit requires a bit of sanding work, coz there are a lot of mold marks and of course some seamlines...but it really looks cool. I will be puttying up the seam lines and the mold marks so that the putty will cure overnight. Anyways here are a few pics of this cute kit...

Thanks for viewing! :)

UPDATE 01-23-10 : painting the eggplane

Hello guys, I removed the seamlines of the eggplane oledi, primed and painted the kit with Tamiya acrylics. I ran out of yellow, so I used red instead...the red is a mixture of Tamiya flat red, Tamiya flat white and Tamiya clear red. The finish is glossy because of the clear red...and I also used the Tamiya retarder for the first time. the silver is a mixture of Tamiya flat aluminum and clear blue.

The Tamiya retarder worked like a charm and the paint went and leveled smoothly like lacquer paints...however, I think I over poured the retarder on the flat aluminum mixture, thus it is still wet up to now. The paint takes longer to dry if you add too much retarder, the ideal ratio for using it is 1:10...oh well, I will have to wait until the silver and red parts are dry, before I can mask it and paint the dark gray pattern.

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