Thursday, July 21, 2016

Digital ART versus Traditional ART

Digital ART versus Traditional ART photo

I have been an artist since grade school. I am one of those little kids who rather draw than write in their notebooks, during classes. Have always been in the top 10 of my class tho, as my parents are teachers in the same school, and they will kill me if I have really bad grades.

My drawing skills could have been better tho. I took up Advertising back in College and have been doing Post Production ( Visual Effects, Color Grading and Compositing ) since after College. I should have sparingly focused on my drawing as that was 15 years of Post Production work.  My greatest regret in my adult life is NOT HAVING a SMALL SKETCHPAD during idle times. Well, It's not too late to do that, I guess.

Below is my scanned drawing. I used a Brush Pen and some Technical Pens on Paper.

Below is the sand drawing colored in Adobe Photoshop.

I am average in both, but let me share my thoughts on Digital Art and Traditional Art.

Younger artists these days are so darn good in digital drawing and painting. They have access to all sort of softwares and tools to produce their masterpieces. These young digital artists are so good with their craft, they treat their computer screens like paper!

Digital Art is very versatile and you could Command-Z ( undo ) many many times during work. It gives you so many options and you could produce a wide range of effects. Digital Art also could be easily reproduced.

NEVER ever call a Digital Artist a Computer Operator tho. Artists in general are too passionate with their craft and have taken years to master it. Calling them operators is like asking for a Death Sentence. It would be the dumbest thing to say if you ask me.

Traditional Art on the other hand is a tad bit limited to the paints and tools that you have. It takes longer to do and is a ton messier. There are no UNDOs in traditional art and you create unique one of a kind pieces. Traditional Art pieces usually have more value ( selling-wise ) than Digital Art.

However, I am more of a traditional artist when it comes to drawing, but would prefer to color my pieces digitally. I simply lack the digital drawing skills to create art in my computer, but would like to maintain a clean workspace. Basically, I draw my stuff on paper, scan them and color them. I do use markers and the occasional watercolors, whenever my clients want them fully colored but completely traditional.

Anyways, I would highly recommend younger artists to always carry a small sketchpad anywhere. Traditional pencil drawings in a sketchpad are always fun to flip around than having them in iPads. Besides, you could always scan them later to make them digital.

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