Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Warmachine/Hordes Painting - The 50mm Painting Contest

Warmachine Hordes Painting - The 50mm Painting Contestphoto

New Monthly Contest!! I know all of us have unpainted models out there and some of us procrastinate the most on the big models! So this month anyone who enters will have 30 days to paint a 50mm model. It can be any figure as long as it has a 50mm base (Example: Epic Borka, Khador Destroyer, Extreme Carnivian etc...)
Judging will start on July 1st where the top 5 Unit's will be selected by the admins. The Best of Show award will be voted by everyone in the group out of the top five. There will be two categories entrants will be eligible for, Masters and Mercenaries. **You may only enter Masters if you have previously entered our painting contests and have placed within the top 5 previously.** Judges reserve the right to move your entry into Masters category if we feel your painting is of high enough level.
Entries will be judged July 3rd at a time yet to be determined by the admin staff.

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Warmachine/Hordes Painting