Monday, February 23, 2015

DC23_mecharts hits 6K at Instagram!

DC23_mecharts hits 6K at Instagram!

 EDIT: renamed my Instagram to my real name as I do not exclusively do Mecha these days anymore. I mostly paint and do whatever I like. So my Instagram name is now...


A TON of Thanks to all my followers at Instagram! Woke up with a little more than 6,000 followers today! Thank You so much! I hope the Instagram featured models and modelers are getting exposure as well.

I have to apologize for not following back though. As much as I want to see all your awesome works, I might have a hard time focusing on the stuffs I keep track on. I specially keep track of everything tagged as #DC23PPC as those are work in progress photos and final entry photos of our ongoing Pilot Painting Contest.

Rest assured I see all your works, I might even feature them if the photography is really nice. Joining our group page...

 and posting with good photos at Facebook will give you a chance of getting featured at my Instagram as well. I might also feature awesome works  if you tag your  Privateer Press miniatures ( WarmaHordes ) or Gunpla  with my hashtag...


I will be posting a " Thank You " post at Instagram with a list of all the consistent people who uses my hashtag. Again, I cannot thank you enough guys! Thanks as always for dropping by! Just enjoy the hobby! :)