Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diorama Commission Work from Australia

Diorama Commission Workphoto

I just received the 50% down payment from my client from Australia today.

I have been chatting through PM ( in Facebook ) with my client from Australia last weekend for like 4 hours a day ( Saturday and Sunday ) as we were discussing his ideal commission work.

The client originally wanted me to build a 1/100 Deepstriker. I immediately told him that it will cost him so much as the shipping cost and of course my talent fee will not be cheap as the project is very complex. He then thought of doing it in 1/144 scale.

He wanted a 1/144 Deepstriker, with RG internals, scratch built armors and tons of LEDs. I frankly told him that I am not good with scratch building, not comfortable with LEDs and that I have fat heavy fingers and is not comfortable modifying  1/144 scale. I told the client that he wanted a kit that is NOT my style and if he likes, I could refer him to other PRO modelers.

I told the client, my skills are not enough to pull off such a difficult project. I also asked him if he is aware of my modeling style and my comfort zones as a modeler and that I am most comfortable in weathered builds and dioramas.

He then told me not to refer him to other modelers as he wants me to make him a commission work ( although he was uncertain what at that time) as he has been following my works for back when I was still active in the hobby.

As you can imagine it was a long pretty fun ( a bit confusing ) chat during the weekend. But then Voila! My client then showed me a sketch and decided to make me build him a diorama!

This is my first time to do a diorama commission work! I have done a few commissioned works with bases but this one is JUST the diorama. He wanted me to build a diorama that could fit 3 1/144 Bandai kits. This should be fun as I love doing dioramas!

Off to shop for more VALLEJO paints soon! Woot!
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