Monday, April 7, 2014

DC23-mecharts supports BANDAI


I am not so sure, but I think in my more than 1,500 posts in this blog I have never ever posted about my stand regarding bootlegs. Today I suddenly felt the urge and felt obligated to state my stand.

I support BANDAI against it's war over pirated model kits.

I owe Bandai my blog traffic ( 15k to 30k visits a week ), as I almost only post Bandai model kits here in my blog.

I get free model kits from Bandai! I got so many free Gundam kits for winning in official and non-official ( HLJ, Forums ) competitions.

I owe Bandai my sanity. I am a manager and I usually manage 10 to 15 people everyday. Blogging about Bandai model kits keeps me sane during and after work.

I owe Bandai for meeting so many great people all over the world.

However, I will not disrespect people who buy bootlegs...

I do not care where they put their hard earned money. I do not care if they always have a hard time assembling bootleg kits as parts do not fit well. And I do not care if they cannot join Bandai sponsored competitions. As I've said, I will not disrespect them BUT will never support them of course and I do not care for them at all.

I will disrespect people who will try to enter bootleg kits in Bandai sponsored competitions AND much worse use bootleg parts on commissioned works though.

Using bootleg parts to kitbash with original Bandai Gundam kits is so foul specially if the client paid a premium price ( say 5k to 19k ) for a commissioned Gundam kit! Most specially if that client does not support bootleg kits at all.

Commission works are like actual work in the office... you don't and should never submit fake reports to your boss about the number of output you did for the month!

So if the client wants the real and original Bandai Gundam model kits for their commissioned works, Dang! Please give them their due and work on original Bandai kits!

Thou Shall Not Use Bootlegs 
in BANDAI Competitions and 
Commission Works! Please!

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