Saturday, March 30, 2013

My 1/144 Gaddess so far...

I think this little bugger has served its purpose and I am putting it aside for the meantime. This kit is basically my practice kit coming out of retirement and I feel I could now move on to a bigger or more expensive practice kit.

Besides, I still need to get a new airbrush so I am not in a hurry to paint and finish kits anyways.

I had so much fun working with this 1/144 Gaddess. It is a pretty straight forward build as expected and it did not offer much challenge. I had to re-learn how to scribe panel lines, drill holes, cut pla plates and trim armor parts though.

Fun project that I should finish once I get a new gun.

Now here are a few photos as I leave this kit beside my workbench for the time being. :)

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