Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trollbloods Mountain King revealed

Trollbloods Mountain King revealed photo

Privateer Press just revealed the Trollbloods giant, the Mountain King!

I am almost in tears when I saw this image as I just bought and have with me my freshly based Dire troll Mauler.

The Trollbloods are huge and fat creatures that are so fun to paint! The Dire Trolls ( I have 2 ) are a bit intimidating to paint though as I still lack the confidence in my miniature painting and I am afraid to ruin such beautiful ( and expensive ) sculpts.

I started getting some Khador models so that I could play my Trollbloods versus Khador with my younger brother ( or even my daughter ). I basically chose Khador as my 2nd faction mainly because of the military look of the models and their Colossal CONQUEST!

Privateer Press has been slowly revealing there line up of Colossals recently and I have wondered when will they be revealing the Mountain King for my Trollbloods... The wait is over now... and I am both in awe and overly excited and happy that I chose Trollbloods as my primary faction.

The Mountain King ROCKS! It is soooooo freaking huge, this model should NOT be called a mini anymore. This model should be a hulking hefty piece of resin and white metal once assembled! And anyone should have a blast painting this behemoth of a kit.

Incredible Hulk suddenly look so nice and friendly.

Trollbloods Mountain King revealed photo

Trollbloods Mountain King revealed photo
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