Saturday, April 7, 2012

something INCREDIBLE is coming out!

Incredible Hulk mini photo

Nope I am not talking about my mini painting commissioned Incredible Hulk.

Although I am almost done painting the skin of the Incredible Hulk, I am talking about something much more Incredible!

Yours truly and my best friend Kriz of KRIZ KREATIONS are currently working on a big project. Nope we are not going to put up another forums for Gunpla and we are definitely not going to put up a Facebook group page either( maybe we could start with an FB page ). There are so many great forums around already and there are so many more friendly FB pages... So we are planning something different.

Something that could be great for the whole community of artists, model makers and painters. Something hopefully bigger than even both Facebook and Forums can provide. Do check out for our incredible project soon and we hope for your support to this great endeavor. Thanks in advance guys!!!
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