Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trollbloods War Wagon by SchnauzerFace

Trollbloods War Wagon by Andrew Goodridge photo

Just saw this awesomely painted masterpiece of a Trollbloods War Wagon by fellow Privatee Press forums member Andrew Goodridge aka SchnauzerFace.

The weathering was done with Vallejo pigments and Windsor & Newton oil paints. Masterful use of pigments that gave the model a battle scarred feel to it. The metallics and the rusts compliments each other very well and the custom base is also inspiring.

What truly makes this model pop out are the " trophies " added all around the wagon. trophies of parts of enemies the wagon took from their battles. Great vision, creative and masterful execution! Do check out a ton more photos of this masterpiece at Andrew's site... here is the link guys...

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