Monday, December 5, 2011

Star Blazers Dual Tri-Deck Carrier by KRIZ

Star Blazers Dual Tri-Deck Carrier by KRIZ photo

Now that the Gunpla Builders Cup dust has settled, we could now see great non-GBWC entry posts at the forums. I have here a very nice miniature build by my best friend from the other side of the planet in KRIZ. Kriz's talent and knack for good diorama composition is undeniable and he did a nice quick job on this Star Blazers 1/200 model kit.

This is as long as a couple of lighters lined together but he managed to create a very interesting scene of the craft taking flight. Photography is also improving ( Kriz ) and I am proud to give you the link for more photos and discussion of this miniature diorama at the forums. Here is the link guys...

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