Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just so happy I have a hobby!

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This is a rant post but it is not about Gunpla or it's community or anything addressing to any modeling stuff. But rather some hypocrisy and dirty politics in real life outside my hobby and family. I just had to shout it out as I have been dealing with it for some time now and I am sure blogging about it would make me feel better.

I am not really directly affected by these stuffs nor am I having problems with my family. Family is great! My daughters ( 2 ) are going to school, they are tops in their class and they are as beautiful as ever. My 3 year old son is growing up mighty fine, a little version of his not so old man. My wife has been working for a month now and she is doing good and is happy with her new career. My rottweiler Panzer is as big and active as ever.

Although family is great these days... I can't really bother my kids and even my wife with what's in my other real life right now. I am a 32 year old father of 3 kids and I have been working for 11 years now and have been a father for 9 years already. I have reason to believe that a handful if not most of my readers are young studs that has yet to travel the short path that I have traveled in life so far.

So I guess you can read on and you might catch a thing or two about real life crap.

I am just so happy that I have life outside the real world ( Real world means people outside my family ). This hobby has been my escape to all the hypocrisy, traitors and ambitious pricks in real life. This hobby has been so rewarding so far and once you immense yourself in cutting those tiny little pieces of plastic, you get to forget the ugliness of it all.

Their are very limited " true " friends in the real world and once you've met a handful, you should take care of them with all the capacities that you can. Their are a lot of " fake" friends in real life though, people who have malicous plans towards you or towards others to get to their goals. I see people backstabbing others to get that friggin' promotion! People who plays nice and hard working in front of bosses and people that simply plays stupid to get where they are.

Their are also people who think so highly of themselves and think they are the eternal power in everything. People who think they control your life and govern your every move. People who thinks they hold the key to your success and you need nothing to do but kiss their dark arses and do whatever they want you to do.

Real world is full of power tripping people, backstabbers, ambitious pricks, liars, opportunistic farts and fake people. Well I guess that is why they called it real world, it's as ugly as it gets and is simply far from the fairytale you dreamed about of life after school.

This is why I feel so blessed these days that I have a hobby! An escape to real world crap that is just so sickening ( eventhough I am not directly affected ). Younger modelers in this hobby is just having fun, but I think older modelers like me needs this hobby a lot more than we think so.

In this hobby, your hard work pays off! In the real world you should play the game of other people and know how to dodge the bullets of opportunistic fake friends... In the real world...

You need not work hard... you should play hard!

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