Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MG EX-S NeoGrade Conversion by Matt Tomczek

MG EX-S NeoGrade Conversion Photo

I have here another perfect masterpiece by my good friend and MAC forums VIP member Matt Tomczek.  This is basically a NeoGrade Conversion kit that replaces a lot of the armor parts of the stock Bandai Master Grade Gundam EX-S kit. The conversion kit according to Matt replaces the head, chest, shoulders, most of the legs, feet, thrusters and gun. Basically almost replacing most of the stock armor parts.

As usual Matt Tomczek made a great piece of kit out of the conversion. As I've said a million times, Matt's painting and modeling skills are out of this world and are humanly impossible. Matt Tomczek is one of the reason I love my kits weathered. You just can't touch the guy when it comes to clean perfect finishing.

Anyways, more photos and discussion of this beautiful masterpiece at our MAC forums resin kit section. Here is the link guys...

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