Thursday, September 15, 2011

MG Zeta ver DC23 coming soon...

MG Zeta ver DC23 soon photo

Sorry for sort of wasting your click on this post. I just sent some crappy photos to my client and figured I'd share at least one photo of the MG Zeta I have been working on ON and OFF for ages now. I just finished painting all the innards of the verniers, some panel lines, and some internal detail painting and the whole kit is now in flat matte coat.

The lighting is crappy as I have only one light source thus the finishing in the photo looks glossier than it is. Actually the finishing in real life looks a bit like rubber. Anyways, I am excited to show you this build as soon as I finish it. Although I am having back spasms for the past 2 days now. :(

Anyways, thank you for dropping by! Thanks for visiting, til' next post guys! :)
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