Sunday, September 11, 2011

MG Delta Plus by TOYMAKER

MG Delta Plus by Toymaker Photo

Good friend and MG The O build off buddy, Kenny Lim aka TOYMAKER has just finished another masterpiece. This time though as he like the design of the kit so much, he opted to do it OOTB. Kenny rarely does ootb but is also very good at it as usual.

This MG Delta Plus was painted with silver over gloss black and the red is achieved using clear color. This is actually very difficult to do as it is very hard to maintain the consistency of your layering. You will get darker shades every layer of paint, so doing it in separate parts and consistently achieving your desired hue is topnotch airbrush skills in my opinion.

We have this beautiful build at our MAC forums but I'd rather give you the link to Kenny's blog for more photos... Here is the link guys...

MG Delta Plus modeled by TOYMAKER

Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next featured guest modeler. :)

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