Tuesday, September 6, 2011

custom MG Exia by WAYLANDER

I saw this yesterday posted at our MAC Facebook group page and instantly liked it so much! I just realized that the OOTB master grade Exia looks very well detailed already. This custom master grade was modeled by YiHui Tan aka WAYLANDER of Singapore. The name is familiar coz YiHui was one of our special guests in our MAC forums anniversary party last August 27.

Anyways I really love the color scheme that YiHui gave this MG Exia. He successfully made it look really dark but not too dark. The details still pops out really nice, the decal work is very good and the color tones looks very well thought of. Not to mention the nice photography and finishing of the kit.

For a ton more photos o this stunning ootb in custom color scheme MG Exia, do visit WAYLANDER's blog. Here is the link guys! :)
MG Exia " Shadow Mode " by WAYLANDER

Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next post guys! :)

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