Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Rite - a must see movie with the family!

The Rite Wallpaper

The Rite is a must see movie with the family! Okay, okay... just kidding! Just a random post that is non mecha related guys. I just watched the movie last night with my wife, although she fell asleep and I finished the movie alone. I need not be graphic, but I do not recommend watching this movie alone though - lol.

I really enjoyed the movie and I must admit it is the first time I watched a movie of this nature alone. Much to the surprise of ALL of my old and new friends, I actually went to a seminary for a year. Yeap, I wanted to be a priest when I was younger and I was fortunate to experience the seminary life for a year.

The seminary life was great and complete! Anyways that is for another blog post... I highly recommend you watch this thrilling movie. I must see for almost everyone. Another great performance by Anthony Hopkins and a great not over the top exorcism movie.

The plot is convincing and the flow of the movie is thrilling yet subtle at the same time. Visual effects are very refined and the climax is not overboard. Great stuff! Go get a copy now! :)

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