Monday, April 11, 2011

MAC Forums is now open to guests!

We have now opened our MAC Forums to guests! As I was looking around the forums settings I found out that guests / visitors can only view the boards ( sections ) BUT they could not view the topics posted by members inside the sections.

Meaning that they could click and see the completed section but cannot view the topics posted by the members. SO now we have tweaked the settings to let guests view the topics posted by our members. This allows the forums to share it's contents with guests who does not feel like registering as members as of the moment. 

Opening up some sections to the guests would hopefully make them more welcome, and would not force them to register as members just to see some topics. Inspiration is free and should be free! so much like my blog, guests / visitors could now access some nice sections and view the topics inside.

However, the WIP section and a handful of other sections are still close. We reserve the viewing of the other sections to our dearest members of course. Again this is not to force guests to register but is simply a way to give our members exclusive access to some juicy sections.

We are aggressively trying to improve the forums and as I've said in my previous post, we will be having our domain name sooner than expected and a new front page for the forums is coming up. A lot more surprises coming up for everyone in the coming weeks! Thanks a ton  to all our members and we hope to continue to see you enjoy our MAC forums.

This settings change was inspired by my first forums ZeroGunz.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope the guests enjoy the open sections! :)

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