Monday, April 4, 2011

1/35 Gundam WZC Resin Project - detailing instructions

This post will be edited as I will put detailing instructions on these photos in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Our partner Alex Arevalo aka Oceansean has a sculptor working on the head sculpt already. I will be sending him my Snap fitted Master Grade Wing Zero Custom for a better reference.

We decided to just use Photoshop to add detailing instructions for the sculptor as his guide. The proportions of the 1/35 Gundam WZC will be more or less similar with the Master Grade. We decided to do the details in photoshop simply because I will be very limited in terms of what I can do with a very small 1/100 master grade.

Adding detailing instructions in Photoshop as to where to put pla plates, details, panel lines and exposed internals would be a lot more efficient and effective on my part. Will make sure to tell you once I have edited this post and have added the detailing instructions.

Thanks for dropping by! Til next update guys! :)

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