Friday, February 11, 2011

G-SHOT Best Diorama category winner - Nathaniel Barrera

The Best Diorama category was the most exciting category to judge, This cat was one of the cause of delay in the announcement of the winners. After the Final Round voting, we ended up with a virtual tie between Giovanni Hilario ( GMAC creator ) and Nathaniel Barrera, both from the Philippines.

Adam Sonar then had to create another POLL for us judges ( Derringer, Adam Sonar, DC23, Gundam Guy and Syd Sked ) to break the tie between the two participants. And after the TIE BREAKER POLL... All the four judges excluding one ( who was late in voting, hehe ) had BOTH dioramas at a TIE again. All four judges just could not agree on a winner, thus the last judge broke the tie to save all of us from setting up another poll.

Honestly as I've said at Gundam Australia Forums and Gundam Guy's site... Nathaniel Barrera has been this good for so many years now and has been a perennial podium finisher in BAKUC competitions here in the Philippines. However, I did not have this diorama as my top pick because of the quality of the presentation.

The topnotch masterful work on the diorama, the highly detailed kits and the details of the build is very compelling, realistic and is definitely a deserving winner. I just find the blurred first photo and the cutting board on the left background a letdown. I am not good in photography but submitting a photo of a well built diorama masterpiece, with a cutting board as a background for a PHOTO Gunpla competition loss my vote.

Anyways, here is the link to GG's for what the other judges had to say and photos of the other finalists. Congratulations also goes to Giovanni Hilario for tying as first runner up and the other finalists of this category... Here is the link guys...


Up next is the best in Photo category! Til next post guys! :)

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