Friday, October 29, 2010

1 week to go!

Exactly 1 week to go before Bandai World Cup! As I've said to Kriz / Rmahza... I have yet to paint the backpack of my MG Sazabi, add details to the diorama, paint ten 1/72 figures, and weather the whole kit. And I have to cram all those work in 1 week.

I started this project around June, but eventually ended up cramming ( not rushing ) to make it to Bandai World Cup, oh well... I have to take a break from blogging at home starting today, though I could still blog in the office until submission date ( November 6 ).

Goodluck to all the participants, I am pretty much sure a huge percentage of you guys are also cramming to make it to the deadline. hihi... So, until November 6 this blog is in semi stealth mode. Til' next post guys! :)

On a side note: Our first ever MAC SD competition will end tomorrow... so I hope at least 3 people joined and will post their work in the forums. If you are one of those 3, please post photos of your funny SD in here - 1st MAC SD contest entries
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