Friday, October 29, 2010

" The Graveyard " - HDR - ized!

 I am really digging this new tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5 which is HDR toning. This effect is a vain attempt to produce HDR Photography without the fact that you have to shoot a certain shot at least 3 times in 3 different F-stops.

According the wikipedia ( link above )... HDR gives a photograph a more realistic feel of the range of lights in a scene. It tries to show you in an artistic way how we see light in real life. Subtle shadows yet high blinding sunlight are elements in a HDR photography.

I am also learning the real thing... but for the meantime, I am so hooked in HDR these days. Thus I selected a few photos in my " The Graveyard " gallery and HDRized them! Anyways here are the rest of the HDRized photos...



and here are the rest of the HDR - ized photos! 

Hope you like them as much as I to make a few more. hihi :D
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