Sunday, August 15, 2010

NG 1/60 Exia steam punk ver DC23 coming up!

Ello guys, the same client from the US who asked me to build him an AC CR-HOGIRE has for some personal reasons changed his mind and asked for a No Grade 1/60 Exia instead. The Armored Core Hogire  kit is not available here in the Philippines until November and the client had personal reasons not to push through with the build anyways.

However, the NG 1/60 Exia that I did was my first EVER modified kit back in August 2008. So personally I am really curious as how I would tackle the kit again this time. I love this kit, it is big and has a very simple construction. Seam lines aside, this is a delight to work with actually.

The client requested for a steam punk concept... pretty much what I do with Zeon kits, now this could be challenging as I could easily overdo the modifications and detailing and I might come up with something overboard. Wish me luck guys. hehe

The downpayment of this commission work from the US has been sent to me through my Paypal account yesterday, and I just transferred it to my local bank account and will have the money in 3 days. I will have to finish the PG MKII commission build this month, work and finish this 1/60 Exia by September AND try to work and finish my BAKUC MG Sazabi entry by October... Huge projects that I need to finish every month. I guess I have my hands full until around November.

Thanks for viewing... til' next post. D
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