Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New though old look for DC23 mech arts...

Ello guys, lazy to do Gunpla this morning but hopefully I'll get to work on the PG MKII later after lunch.
The weather is gloomy and bad today and I guess that contributed a lot to my lazy mood. I have the MKII beside me though, and I have detached all the armor leg pieces for modding.

I did some minor tweaking of the M.A.C. contest banner and I also edited my avatar. Now the avatar has the accent colors of my blog which is yellow-green paint splatter ( or puke ), red and blacks. I am really digging my new avatar... will be sticking with it for some time.

Anyways, I also changed the color and overall look ( not the template ) of my blog today and chose to give the blog a darker feel. I had this look before but I had white text ( kinda normal to me ), so I am experimenting with a dull bluish gray background with black texts. I am not really sure if it works, I could always go for the normal light colored text over a dark background anyways. What do you think guys???
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