Monday, July 19, 2010

New section at MAC forums!

Ello guys, I just finished creating a new section for our MAC forums. We take pride in our DIORAMA section inside the Launch pad or finished kit section. I think putting up this section will promote diorama making in particular.

We all have seen great stand alone kits all over the net, but we at MAC think that putting up a diorama section will highlight this art more. I am personally a diorama fan, and any mech or any diorama is posted in this section, and hopefully future members will put there dios here as well!

The newest section is dominated by the evil twins in Matt Tomczek and Matt Mrozek! No! they are not real twins, but they are our good friends from the US. The new section houses all the Resin and conversion kits of these guys, I simply called it - RESIN kits!

I love the resin masterpieces of these guys, I just could not afford them. So putting up a section for these huge behemoths is just but proper. Now, looking for these masterpieces is easier as they are in their own section. hihi

Thanks for dropping by, Hope to see you around our 1 week old forums - MAC forums
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