Monday, July 19, 2010

M.A.C. forums is OPEN!!!

Ello guys! I just finished detailing the scratch built Core Fighter and I am just waiting for a few puttied areas to dry before I could sand and prime it to check for errors. I will then prime it later and post updates at both ZeroGunz and MAC forums.

The Mech Arts Community ( MAC ) started at Facebook a month ago ( June 2010 ) when fellow Pinoy modeler and creator of Gundam / Mechs / Arts and Crafts ( GMAC ) Vanz Hilario told me that I should create my own Facebook group / community page.

I have a Facebook fan page during that time already wherein all my blog content is posted there. However I felt that it is not enough. So with the 100% support of Vanz, I created MAC at Facebook, a community of Gundam bloggers and modelers sharing links of anything Gundam! Most if not all the GMAC members joined the MAC at facebook instantly. We have 404 members as of this writing and hopefully still growing.
Even with the relative success of the MAC at Facebook, we felt that Facebook is not enough... We needed a more structured place wherein we could discuss meet ups and such and a place that is not blocked in the office.

Then, MatX reminded me of our yearlong empty Forum ( which he constructed )... The first members were MatX and me back in January 2010. I then decided to invite my most trusted online friends... which happens to be really good modelers from the US, Singapore and Malaysia.

The MAC forums was initially conceived with the vision to give a home for the new, young and aspiring Filipino modelers out there who wants to learn more about Gunpla. And with the help from modeler friends around the world wide web...  hopefully this vision is easier than it was first conceived.

We only have 80 members as of this writing, but I think at 1 week old... the highlight of the forum so far is the Diorama section. Inside the completed or launch pad section is the DIO sub section which houses any diorama masterpiece may it be Gunpla or other mechs. :b

Now here is the link - MAC forums
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