Sunday, July 11, 2010

my 10 year OLD drawings...

Ello guys, I decided to revive my old portfolio which is basically my old 1999 - 2001 drawings. My favorite amongst all of them is the sad " blue " clown that I drew on a textured paper and painted in Prang water colors. It was then inked with Rotring technical pens.and this made me change my avatar to a clown. hihi

I figured to scan and upload most of the better drawings as they are really getting dirty and really old. At least now I have a 300 dpi copies of them and have small copies here in my blog as well. My medium was water color ever since, but a few were painted with colored pencils, photoshop, poster colors and technical pens.

Pretty nostalgic while looking at them... and came to realize that I love doing details ever since, like the scales of the dragon and most of the brush strokes... anyways here are my 9 - 11 year old drawings...

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post! XD
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