Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1/72 pilot figures from Hasegawa - quick review

Perfect for PG Gundams! ok, ok I know...PGs are in 1/60 scale and this figs are in 1/72 scale. Good luck finding 1/60 figures then ( at least in the Philippines ). Same as using 1/87 HO scale figures for 1/100 Gundams... Goodluck for finding 1/100 figs that has nice poses. Or I guess you would rather use 1/100 figures that came with the MG kits? That is great, if you have the skills and patience to alter there poses. XD

Now, here is a quick and short review of a 1/72 pilot figure set from Hasegawa. I was kinda surprised when I saw the figures after opening coz they are 1 piece figures. Usually, unpainted 1/87, 1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/24, 1/20 and 1/16 comes unassembled.

A few unpainted 1/87 figures that I used in my 1/100 scale The Graveyard diorama came unassembled much like any 1/35 fig. You have to cement the head, arms, legs and sometimes an accessory. This one on the other had came assembled already. Kinda weird but after inspecting the details, it is almost at par with the PREISER 1/87 unpainted figures that I used before.

If I were to rate the quality of the detail of this figs from Hasegawa from a rate of 1 to 10...I would rate this in the no. 8 spot. No. 10 for the Preiser unpainted figures and no. 3 for the small figures bought in art shops.

The package came with a simple manual and 12 figures, well basically you get 12 figures with 6 designs...two figs are of the same mold. Anyways here are some pics for you to decide if you like these figs for your diorama...a must have I think to liven up any diorama out there...

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