Saturday, April 17, 2010

What should I do for BAKUC 2010???

Ello guys, I am still overly undecided on what to do for Bakuc 2010...I am not really as pumped up in comparison to my previous BAKUC competitions coz after my 2 BAKUC participation I will now be in the Expert category...meaning 0 chance of going to Hong Kong and competing for the World championships ( dang! ). I am still excited about it of course, but definitely not as motivated as before, though competing with the best Gunpla modelers of your own country could be fun.Honestly, will just join for fun this time. ;)

Anyways, I am thinking of doing a MG Sazabi and over detail it ( like my Dom ) and weather it for a change...also thinking of working with my MG Sinanju that I already have since last year and extend ALL those pointy parts specially the short wings. I would also like to test my scratch building skills and create  a large backpack and large weapons for a MG Dom...Over detailing my hguc Kshatriya or even a PG 00 raiser is also an option. I am not really opting for the PG 00 though, coz my detailing style does not really fit Gundam type mechs ( and it is expensive ) evident with my last year's MG Infinite Justice conversion and detailing.

SO, please help me out here bros? I have put up my first POLL on the sidebar and please vote if you have the time. The poll is from and is a ton better than your standard blogger, the voter can suggest an answer that is not in the poll, two... it is highly customizable and the voter can even comment on his answer / answers. Any widget that gives you the opportunity to interact with your readers is always a plus for me, so I really like the extra features of this poll.

Your votes will greatly influence what I would decide to do for BAKUC and the poll will be up until July 1, by that time I have most likely finished my two commission works ( PG MKII and AC White Glint ) and same with last year, I won't be accepting commission works by September this year to give time for my Bakuc project ( well unless you have good offers, hihi...but will be working on them after November ).

Looking forward to your votes! Thanks in advance! til' next post guys! ;D
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