Saturday, April 10, 2010

No.1 Pinoy Gundam Blog...thank you!

Ello guys, I joined a nice service oriented site yesterday ( the other day ? )'s Basically this site (formerly PinoyTopBlogs) measures the popularity of Filipino blogs out there. They have 27 categories, arts and crafts, humor, music, video games and a lot could also search blogs by there labels. I labeled my blog with Gundam, Gunpla, Mecha, Hobby and Anime. In just a couple of days, my blog rose from no.32 to no. 16 in the Arts and Crafts category...pretty good for a very big category with most likely tons of sub categories. I like my visitor tracking service a lot but this one is extra special coz it's Filipino.

I did some search results today ( in their search box ) and typed Gundam, Gunpla, Mecha, Hobby and Anime, these are basically my labels and it yielded some nice surprising results. In the Gundam and Gunpla labels,  DC23 mech arts is no.1 in the search list...yes no.1 thanks to all my readers and regular visitors, no. 2 in the Mecha label, not in the top 10 list in the Anime label and surprisingly no.3 in the hobby label. Very nice results, very happy with my ranking given that I have only joined yesterday ( or the other day? ).

The great thing about the site is that you could see other Filipino Gundam blogs aside from the usual successful but "international" blogs out there, like Toymaker's and others that I have in my blog roll. In the Gundam category for example, I got to visit the top 3 Filipino Gundam up and coming? Gundam blogs that I was not aware of before. You could also visit the blogs past the top 3 if you have the time and visiting the top 3 of any search will definitely be worth your time.

This site only tracks Filipino blogs in 27 categories and is a nice way of discovering other Filipino blogs out there.Kudos to the makers of this site, a service for Filipinos by Filipinos...Good stuff! ;)

Thanks once again to all the readers of my blog, my followers in facebook and twitter and to all who have visited my blog...DC23 mech arts is now the no.1 Pinoy Gundam Blog. Of course I won't put No.1 or best Pinoy Blog in my banner and use it as a tagline or something, that is awful!!! bwhahaha! I am just grateful to all my readers...

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