Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gundam Hangar reference pics

Ello guys, The PG MKII client requested a hangar for a diorama...I agreed, hehe...but soon realized that a hangar for a PG is too big and will take me some time to finish. So I am kinda leaning towards a maintenance bay sort of a dio much like Toymaker's maintenance dio for his Sazabi.

I have not created a hangar dio for my kits yet...not counting the damaged hangar of my MG Kampfer Bakuc entry coz that was my first Gundam dio and it is pretty much damaged. My ideas are leaning towards Toymaker's dio too much so I googled for some real hangar pics to reset my mind in a way. Anyways here are some reference pics I got from Odyssey International, I think it is a hangar construction company, and I also got some random pics from google are the pics...

 I like this last photo, it kinda reminds me of Toymaker's maintenance dio in real life...

Thanks for viewing, til next post. ;)
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