Sunday, April 25, 2010

100,000 hits in 7 months!!! THANK YOU!

My blog has reached the 100,000 views count today! We have reached the milestone in 6 months and 16 days! I started this blog the night after Bakuc Philippines 2009 which was November 9 2009... I have seen the views count grow from an average of 200 page loads to an average of 800 pageloads a day. Basically the page loads grew from 8000 on the first month ( December 9 ) to roughly around 21,000 - 24,000 page loads every month for the past few months ( February - April ).

Obviously I got addicted to blogging plus the fact that I am consciously trimming my Gunpla time these days, unlike last year when I finished 21 kits and did Gunpla everyday. I only do Gunpla on weekends now, but I blog everyday. I have experimented with different looks, templates and banners throughout the 7 months of blogging and I kinda like my current banner and template now. However I will try to continue to improve the site and continue to flood it with Gunpla content.

I am happy to say that this site is the no.1 Filipino Gunpla blog today and is a proud member of the short list of  Gundam " modelling " sites ( NOT Gundam " news " site ) who have reached the 100,000 views count mark! I thank ALL my visitors and readers for your support! I will try to continue to improve in this hobby and share my development and progress with you as always.

Special thanks to my frequent commentors, visitors and people whom I interact with everyday at ZeroGunz and the other forums that I have in my " Forums I visit " page! Thank you to my fellow mech artists for the support, my 36 blog readers, my 133 followers in facebook, and my 18 followers in twitter! Now here are some pics of the model kits I finished since I started this blog, some banners I did and some other stuffs for the past seven months of blogging...

Once again THANK YOU ALL!!! 
Bad Vibes is not allowed here! Enjoy the hobby!!! ;)

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