Sunday, February 26, 2017


Google Yourself Photo

Have you ever tried Googling yourself?

I don't google myself often ( LMAO )... But other people might, other people do ( I think ). I am an artist since birth. And artists love showing their works to people. I guess this is the nature why I love blogging since 2009. I am not a writer, grammar is... okay I guess. But, blogging is always a nice venue to share your craft.

A ton of my old ( old time ) friends from my previous hobby ( Gundam / Gunpla ) are no longer blogging as much as before. Some have totally stopped. A ton of people now stay at Facebook. I only have a little more than 5K followers at my FB Page. Main reason would be my switching of hobbies as the years go by. I used to be very active in Gunpla, then Bikes, then Miniature Painting and now drawing and painting. I guess my hobby switching made my follower count stagnant at FB.

This blog also used to get more than 100K visits per month during my Gunpla days. Now I get an average of 20K visits per month. Still pretty good numbers tho.

I still prefer Blogging over Facebook. I have nothing against Facebook. Heck I get 75% of my commissioned drawings these days through Facebook. But, Blogging or having websites is still the best way to keep your "online presence" stable ( in my humble opinion ).

Notice how Google prioritized my Blog and Google+, before showing IMDB, Facebook and other online platforms. I do not have proof of this "prioritization" of Google, but most of the images of myself ( on top ), are mostly from this blog... and other websites ( or blog )... not Facebook.

Again, I have nothing against Facebook, I just like to talk to myself a lot... That is why I still love to Blog! hehehe

Anyways, thanks a ton for dropping by! Until my next rambling guys! CIAO!

Google Yourself Photo

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