Thursday, February 12, 2015

Never Waste Money on Expensive Alternatives

I have been in this hobby for some time now. I may not be as good as I want myself to be. I sometimes rush my projects and I am lousy with hobby deadlines. But I want to give helpful advice and tutorials to new and young modelers everytime.

If you follow this old free blog, you noticed that I have used so many alternative tools, paints and methods. Who creates snow with baby powder? However through the years, I learned to use CHEAP alternatives that give me pretty good results. The snow I made from baby powder a few years back is as hard as plaster until now.

I also use sewing pins and IC socket pins as alternative metal option parts. They serve my purpose and they cost DIRT CHEAP in comparison to real metal option parts ( if you can afford them, they are awesome though ).

So I am not advicing not to use alternatives... I am advicing not to use EXPENSIVE alternatives!

Why use tools and paints that costs as much as their real hobby counterpart? Do not experiement on expensive alternatives but do enjoy experimenting on cheap ones. 

Slowly invest on tools and paints that are made for this hobby. Invest on KNOWN established brands that produced world standard quality stuff. Feel free to enjoy alternative paints and tools as you learn the hobby, so as long as they are super cheap. 

For the record, my beloved workstation, my tools, and my paints you see in my photos... were accumulated through years of buying. I learned and spent and wasted so much money on bad hobby investments, and I hope as an aspiring modeler... you won't learn the hard costly way as I did.

Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! :)

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