Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Using Sewing Pins as Rivets

I have shared photos and answered a few inquiries regarding using cheap sewing pins for rivets on my 1/48 Zaku project at both my Facebook and Instgram accounts already. But I thought I'd archive this technique as a quick tutorial here, as my blog is way more google friendly than Facebook.

This technique should both be helpful, and cost efficient! A sheet of sewing pins costs 22 pesos only and you just need a few tools to achieve the effects. If you are  reading this post and googled it up, most likely you have these tools at hand already.

I measure with my trusty old caliper. I presume most does not have this tool, so any measuring tool can be used. I prefer using my caliper just because I have a caliper ( lol ).

I have a couple of Tamiya pin vises and attached are two different sized drill bits. Just drill the smaller hole first, then half-heartedly ( lol ) drill with the bigger drill bit. As you can see in the photo, I use a rusted old bigger drill bit, a new and sharp big drill bit will drill all the way and you do not want that at all.

I plan to paint the rivets the same color as the kit. So I glue it during this stage with an ordinary white glue ( superglue is obviously a stronger option ). Much like the last photo ( MG Zeta Karaba commissioned work ), I place the rivets after painting as I like the chrome finish that served as a cheap alternative for metal option parts.

I am so excited to paint this project already. I shelfed the MG Z'Gok and MG Zeta Karaba commissioned projects as I wanted to finish a build to start the new year ( 2015 ). Weathering those rivets should be fun! Stay tuned guys! Just enjoy the hobby! 

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