Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 - The Work in Progress Year

Just finished cleaning up my workbench and replaced the kits on top with all the kits that I have been working on. These kits are in various stages of progress, most are brain fart personal projects and a few are pending commissioned works.

As I've said in my previous post, 2014 was my first year from my 2 year Gunpla hiatus. Much of 2014 is re-learning old modification techniques and re-learning how to use an airbrush. Much of the latter part of 2014 was spent on working on the PG Strike Freedom and getting the necessary tools and supplies for my projects. 2015 should be more productive as I had my practice run already.

I really hope I slowly but steadilly work on all the projects on top of my workbench next year. My priority next year is to complete and finish my pending commissioned works. I am also getting a couple of Perfect Grade commission works ( international ) early next year ( 2015 ), so I really need to finish my pending projects ( both international and local ).

Stay tuned guys as I try to update my gallery this year! Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next update guys! Just enjoy the hobby! :)

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