Saturday, April 26, 2014

My most precious Bandai kit so far. :)

First of all, THANK YOU to all the well wishers at Facebook and at Instagram! Your warm support made me feel better sooner than later. I had surgery to remove my gallbladder last Tuesday (4 days) and is now at home recovering.

The doctor adviced me to rest for a week, which is great! I have a week to do Gunpla and will start today!

Just wanted to share the story behind my most precious Gunpla as of now... My little Bandai Gundam Age advance grade Genoace II kit!

The day of the operation, I asked my wife to get me this kit as a memorabilia of the day I had my first ever surgery. And so she did. When I was about to snapfit the kit, a nurse entered my room and told me that they need to prep me for the surgery already. I then told my darling eldest daughter to snapfit the kit for me.

My daughter assembled the kit while I was having the surgery. 

I am a sentimental guy, so I must say that this is now my most precious Bandai kit to date! I love it! 

I am really surprise with the quality of this cheap Bandai kit. It lacks articulation everywhere... Only the neck moves freely. However, the standing pose looks great! The very pose that is difficult to achieve with other grade kits. Crotch forward, arms bent backwards, waist bent a little backwards and chest forward. Great handsome pose for any kit.

I might cement the seam lines, and might even paint this guy some time. Special kit that deserves special treatment one day.

Again thank you to all the well wishers! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby!

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