Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAC forums ZAKU Group Build - team up

ZAKU Group Build Team up poster
We have only 3 basic rules for our ZAKU group build @ MAC forums. One is to use any Zaku kit from 1/48, perfect grade, hguc, first grade, master grade, real grade and any grade Bandai invented. Second rule is you must at least paint your model kit and last rule is that you are allowed to team up with other participants.

I believe a lot of our members have team up already. We have the huge GAF ( Australia ) team, Dubai team, and the Ghost Squad by hummingbird. I am also teaming up with another participant. We will be working on a Mercurius and a Vayeate from Gundam Wing and we will be using a RG Zaku as our base model kit!

My team mate is Adrian Sicat aka krescenhaze and he will be working on the red Mercurius while I will be working on the blue Vayeate. This should be fun specially when we meet up to take the photos of our finished entry right before the deadline.

We are looking forward for more team ups as it could be fun to see multiple Zakus with the same concepts! Join us in the discussion thread at MAC forums and hope to see your WIPs very soon. Now I'll leave you with a teaser video of our MAC forums ZAKU GB.

Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next update guys! :)

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