Saturday, October 22, 2011

CRAP by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

CRAP by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica photo

In my vain attempt to stir away from the usual blog layouts, I have edited my html / template for the nth time. I had to change the layout to better feature recent posts and show more posts per page as much as possible. Obviously this new layout is reminiscent of our MAC forums front page, which unfortunately I could no longer update.

I also have here today a very cool custom vinyl figure by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica. I present to you the Compact Retaliation Armored Pod or C.R.A.P.! I wonder how big the figure is, but this sure would look awesome in any mecha display cabinet. C.R.A.P. even has a cool little pilot that fits perfectly inside the pod.

Once I finish all my Gunplas duties ( commission works ) and other stuffs. I will surely try to squeeze in another custom vinyl in my gallery. This piece is very inspirational, great stuff as always from Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica! More photos of C.R.A.P. in the link below...

CRAP by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica photo

CRAP by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica photo

Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next post guys! :)

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