Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to make Blast Craters for your diorama by KRIZ

Blast Crater tutorial by KRIZ Photo

I have here a very effective and nice way to create some huge blast craters for your Gundam dioramas. My ongoing diorama needs something like this, so will sure to copy this very nice tutorial soon! This very effective yet easy to do blast crater effect was done and contributed by my good friend and fellow MAC forums admin, KRIZ.

I would love to further increase my blog traffic by copying his tutorial here LOL,  but featuring it in our is the best way to feature this nice piece of tutorial. BTW, a bit more photos of Kriz's ongoing diorama with the blast crater in his blog @ KrizKreations.

This very helpful tutorial is inside our forum boards of course, but I'd rather direct you to it's feature at our MAC forums front page. Here is the link for the rest of the tutorial guys...
Blast Crater tutorial by KRIZ @

Hope you like this post? Til' next featured guest modeler guys! :)

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