Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New layout for our MAC


I am happy and proud to present to you what we have come up with our MAC front page so far! Yours truly and Jose Sabale aka Kisapmata co-designed the new layout that is hugely inspired from We think that this is the best way to feature the contributions of our dearest MAC members and is also our simple way of thanking them for their valuable contributions.

We will still improve the " look " and design of the web site and might even do a few tweaks on the layout itself. All of the future changes will be applied with the sole intention of making sure that all contributions from our fellow members, will have as much exposure and visibility in the world wide web as much as possible.

As always in behalf of the whole admin and VIP team, I would like to thank you for all your support and contributions to our ever growing MAC Forums! Let us continue to make the forums grow and maintain the healthy relationships amongst all its members. Just enjoy the hobby guys!

Now here is the link to our MAC Forums front page and we hope you enjoy the new layout!
MAC - new layout

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