Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another MG Zeta commish!

Woot! I just closed another deal earlier today... I will be having another Zeta commission work and another client from the US! So this is my 3rd International commish within the year but this will definitely carry over next year as it is impossible for me to finish anything during December.

All of my weekends are booked with Christmas parties now, so Gunpla time is reduced at least to half. I will be speeding up by January though, as I have to work with two MG Zeta commission works. Two international commish in a month! The first one is from Australia and this one from the US. woot!

The client will be shipping me his kit ( same kit as in the photo from dalong ) and the payment soon and will start with this project right after the first MG Zeta. Anyways, International commission works are lining up now and I have to hold all my personal Gunpla projects.

December is sweet! Enough cash to buy more Gunpla, No time to build them though. hehehe

P.S. I am currently working on the basic layout of the diorama of the other MG Zeta and will upload photos tomorrow. :)
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