Saturday, November 27, 2010

What impresses you the most ???

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My last poll was a give away, What should I get for Christmas?... The PG Strike Freedom won in a landslide so I thought of just removing it coz the other choices has no way of catching up with the votes of the PG Strike Freedom. Now I hope this new poll will have a more interesting run.

I am actually just killing time here in my office and will be going home in a few minutes. Plus I am really curious on what impresses Gundam collectors and modelers the most. I had a poll asking the preference of people involving OOTB weathered kits, modified weathered kits, OOTB clean builds and modified clean builds. The Modified clean builds won with a large margin over the modified weathered builds.

Now I have another poll asking for preference... What impresses fellow Gundam modelers and collectors the most? No OOTB choices here though as I know by now ( based on the last preference poll ) that it won't get that much votes anyways.

The choices are simple and you could select multiple answers. Are you impressed with highly detailed PGs, highly detailed MGs, highly detailed 1/144 kits, well built dioramas or projects with high levels of scratch building in any scale???

I understand that a highly detailed 1/144 with lots of scratch built extra parts in a well built diorama happens ( like Eday's ), thus I allowed multiple answers in this poll. Hope to see your votes guys... hope the poll will yield interesting results. ;)

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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