Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Steve Jobs figure cancelled!

photos from micgadget.com

Sweet!!!  I just saw this at Open The Toy this morning and it rocks! I am a MAC lover, though I can't really afford all their stuffs. I blog in my MacBook Pro and had a huge 24 inch IMAC a couple of years ago ( it's broke now ). Needless to say, I'd rather buy a second hand MAC than get a brand new PC.

Anyways as I've said the figure rocks! It looks great and looks so much like Steve! The glasses are removable and the get up is very Stevie... black turtle neck shirt, fit jeans and sneakers. The base is a white apple logo that looks awesome. There are even bubble cards for customization and a really small but highly detailed iphone.

However, apparently this was not an official Apple / MAC product, I would have ordered if this was official and still available. Apple asked the manufacturers to stop the marketing and distribution of the figure... you can read the details here.

Disclaimer: I am not promoting the unofficial figure, just a MAC lover who thought initially that this was official. Nice figure of the main man though.
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